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Coastal Collection LARGE

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#Coastal Collection

This white jar is pure magic, with gorgeous sand, shells and starfish.  100% Pure Soy Wax elegant candle is specifically crafted for your sacred space. 



Ladies Day

We can't get away for a holiday, so a relaxing spa is the next best thing. 
Ladies Day is a gorgeous, vibrant but relaxing blend. It reminds us of going to the spa for the day. Relax and unwind
Top notes: Bergamot and Thyme,
Mid notes: Clove, White Flower, Lilac and Ylang Ylang
Base notes: Light Musk, Vanilla Bean and White Cedar




 Come take your senses on a trip with us to private tropical beaches, feelings of sea and sun. This fragrance is smooth and uplifting, lime and soda, sunbathing on a tropical beach. This is sure to become a favorite!

Top notes: Sparkling Lime, Orange Splash and Pear
Mid notes: Crushed Mint Leave, Melon, Strawberry and Peach Nectar
Base notes: Sugarcane, Coconut Water, White Rum and Sweet Musks


 Three Wise Men

Let your senses come away with us. Travelling to the Middle East, walking through the markets, the colors, the sounds, most of all the smells. A sweet Oriental scent with a combination of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla.
Top notes: Ginger Root, Bergamot
Mid notes: Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Ylang Ylang
Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Musk

Sunset Beach 

Fresh, yet warm and summery, this rich and sweet fragrance has fruity top notes of strawberry, raspberry and citrus with creamy vanilla and white musk. A gorgeous rounded medley that will have you ordering more!

Top Notes: Raspberry, Strawberry

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose

Base Notes: White Musk, Vanilla

Oriental Blooms

A sweet wafting scent, a divine and addictive floral scent.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Pine needle

Middle Notes: Grape, Neroli

Base Notes: Vanilla, malt, jasmine and cedar wood

Choc Mint

Lets sit on the couch and relax, with a packet of mint choc biscuits. Gentle silence, your favorite show , a candle for light and scent, a warm blanket draped over you. This scent is sure to be a favorite of our chocolate lovers. 


Movie night! Choc orange lollies, deliciously melting in your mouth. Warm comfortable safe, your space. Happy childhood memories drifting through your gentle relaxed mind. Another chocolate addition to our #Coastal Collection