Hello! Lets get acquainted.

Hello! Lets get acquainted.

My name is Jodi 

I am to creator/owner/lover of Breathe Love.

Breathe Love. was started when a daydream met research, met action.

I honestly walked into this business idea with many misguided viewpoints. 

Who knew that candles were complex and complicated?!

Who knew it would take hundreds of hours of research and commitment to provide a safe and great smelling candle?!

I didn't! 

So... from the start, I guess...

I was sitting outside, just letting my thoughts drift, it was a warm summers day, a gentle breeze cooling my skin.

I thought of smells, my favorite smells. Of how those smells transport me to memories, or places I would love to visit or have fond memories of visiting. 

Let's face it, I was lamenting LOL

I missed my holidays, I missed life before Covid-19 came, and took travel from us. I missed Bali. I missed my friends in Victoria...but not the weather. I much prefer the sunny days and bay walks of Queensland, the state I have called home for the past 12 years. 

As I was sitting daydreaming of my past travels, my friends, my childhood, my future travels, I heard a thought in my mind.. "Make Candles" it said. Make a way for people to travel in a restricted world, for YOU to travel, if only through our senses.

And the idea was born. 

I researched how to start candles, and bought a starter pack. In all honesty, I only used one of the jars and had already done enough research to see that the "Starter Pack" didn't have the right wick and lacked the information for anyone to excel. 

So, I bit the bullet, I researched and researched before I bought my first very large order of items I would need to create the business you are now looking at. 

It has not been easy, actually it has brought me joy and tears, I didn't want to fail, I didn't want to give up. 

Coming up with the name for the company was interesting. 

Yet, it was easy when I looked at the world, at all the anger and all the bullying and all the hurt. Breathe Love. seemed the only answer to heal a hurting world, to soothe the pain seeping out in anger and spite and judgment.

And as I created and as I researched and laughed and cried, I breathed love into it all. 

And now here we are, with a company, a promotion of breathing love, a reminder that love can heal our broken and hurting world. 



Jodi x



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